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Far-IR Science Interest Group

NASA COPAG: Far-IR Science Interest Group
Friday, January 6, 2017
12:05 pm | Central Standard Time (Chicago, GMT-06:00) | 4 hrs

Agenda [in PDF]
TimeEventSpeakerTime RangeInviting
12:30 P.M.WelcomeJD SmithNo time allocatedN/A
12:30 P.M.Overview of FIR Space Based Astronomy and Context [PDF]Tom Roellig12:30 P.M.-12:50 P.M.Done
12:55FIR Technology [PDF]Jonas Zmuidzinas12:55 P.M.-1:10 P.M.Desika
1:15 P.M.Shorter Talk: SPICA [PDF]Peter Roelfsema1:15 P.M.-1:25 P.M.JD
1:25 P.M.Shorter Talk: SOFIA [PDF]Erick Young1:25 P.M.-1:35 P.MJD
1:35 P.M.Short contributed Talks 1:35 P.M.-1:45 P.M.JD
1:45 P.M.Break for Coffee & Cookies 20 min 
2:05 P.M.OST OverviewMargaret Meixner2:05 P.M.-2:20 P.M.Desika
2:20 P.M.OST Science Cases [PDF]Cara Battersby, Stefanie Milam, Alex Pope2:20 P.M.-2:35 P.M.Desika
2:35 P.M.Mini Break 2:35 P.M.-2:50 P.M. 
2:50 P.M.Panel DiscussionMatt Bradford, Laura Fissel, John Mather, Chris McKee, Karin Oberg, Klaus Pontoppidan, JD Smith (Moderator)2:50 P.M.- 3:20 P.M.JD, Cara
Hubble Sees Plunging Galaxy Losing Its Gas

COR News

Program News and Announcements

17 September 2020
NASA announces major revisions in Astrophysics Research and Analysis opportunity. Due dates remain unchanged. »  Details.
17 September 2020
NASA releases Citizen Science Seed Funding Program opportunity. Notices of Intent requested by 13 October 2020, with proposals due 11 December 2020. »  Details.
17 September 2020
NASA extends due date for Astrophysics Pioneers opportunity. Proposals are now due 8 October 2020. »  Details.
9 September 2020
Swift Cycle 17 Guest Investigator proposals due on 25 September 2020 »  Details.
4 September 2020
Call for nominations to the Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group (COPAG) Executive Committee. »  Details.
26 June 2020
Based on extensive feedback from the community, including the recent COPAG survey and APAC discussion, the Astrophysics Data Analysis Program will be solicited in ROSES-2021. »  Details.
15 June 2020
NASA's Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group Executive Committee (COPAG EC) is soliciting input on the impacts of COVID-19 on Cosmic Origins research via ADAP. The survey deadline has been extended until Friday, June 19, 2020 »  Details.
8 June 2020
NASA Astrophysics job announcement will open on Monday, 29 June 2020. »  Details.

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