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UV/Vis Science Interest Group

NASA COPAG: UV/Vis Science Interest Group
Tuesday, January 3, 2017
10:30 am | Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00) | 3 hrs

The next community meeting of the SIG will be held the morning of Tues Jan 3rd, 2017 at the AAS meeting in Grapevine, TX, from 10am-12pm. Because of local conflicts with the Cotton Bowl, all the pre-meeting events on the Tuesday are being held "off site" - that is, away from the Gaylord resort, but bus travel will be provided on a continuous basis between the two sites.

Our tentative agenda for the meeting includes the following items. The emphasis is on the ongoing UV-visible development that has been started this past year in support of the large mission concepts for LUVOIR and HabEx. We encourage you all to arrange your travel plans to join us so you can be brought up to speed on what NASA is planning for next generation UV-visible science looking into the 2030s.


  • The LUMOS UV spectrograph instrument - John O'Meara [PDF]
  • The HDI camera for LUVOIR - John O'Meara [PDF]


  • The UVS spectrograph for HabEx - Paul Scowen [PDF]
  • The Workhorse Camera for HabEx - Paul Scowen [PDF]


  • Issues and possible solutions for making UV-friendly coatings that allow coronography - Matt Bolcar [PDF]

After the morning session, there will be a joint session with the other PAGs: the ExoPAG and the PhysPAG, to hear from Dr. Paul Hertz, the Director of the Astrophysics Division of NASA SMD, as well as broad view presentations by all of the large mission STDT groups as well as the L3 mission development. This session will run all afternoon.

Please plan on joining us.

Paul Scowen

Hubble Sees Plunging Galaxy Losing Its Gas

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17 September 2020
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26 June 2020
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15 June 2020
NASA's Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group Executive Committee (COPAG EC) is soliciting input on the impacts of COVID-19 on Cosmic Origins research via ADAP. The survey deadline has been extended until Friday, June 19, 2020 »  Details.
8 June 2020
NASA Astrophysics job announcement will open on Monday, 29 June 2020. »  Details.

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