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COR-relevant Activities at the January 2018 AAS

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  • Sunday, January 7

    (All activities at Gaylord Hotel/Conference Center)

    • 8:30–17:00 JWST Proposal Planning, Potomac Ballroom D

    Monday January 8

    (All activities at Gaylord Hotel/Conference Center)

    Tuesday, 2018 January 9

    (All activities at Gaylord Hotel/Conference Center)

    • 9:00–18:30 Poster Session 140: NASA Decadal Preparations: Probe Class Missions, Exhibit Hall

    • 9:30–12:30 Far-IR Science Interest Group (SIG) Meeting: Charting the Course: The Present and Future of Far-Infrared and Sub-mm Space and Airborne Astronomy, Maryland 1–2. Agenda and remote connection information at: https://cor.gsfc.nasa.gov/copag/AAS_Jan2018/AAS2018-agenda-COPAG.php

    • 10:00–11:30 Oral Session: NASA Decadal Preparations: Large Studies, Potomac D

    • 10:00–11:30 Oral Session: Astrophysics Enabled by HST's UV Initiative, Maryland C

    • 11:40–12:30 Plenary Talk: Adam Reiss—New Measurement of the Expansion Rate of the Universe: New Physics?, Potomac AB

    • 14:00–15:30 NASA Decadal Preparations: Probes Mission Concept Studies, Potomac D

    • 14:00–15:00 Big Bang to Biosignatures—Science of LUVOIR Mission Concept, Chesapeake 1

    • 18:30–20:30 JWST Town Hall, Potomac C

    • 18:30–20:30 Habitable Exoplanet Mission (HabEx) Town Hall, Maryland Ballroom 1–2

    Wednesday, 2018 January 10

    (All activities at Gaylord Hotel/Conference Center)

    • 8:20–9:10 Plenary Talk: Annette Ferguson—Unveiling the Low Surface Brightness Stellar Peripheries of Galaxies

    • 10:00–11:30 Exoplanet Characterization Through Emission Spectroscopy: Roadmap to Detecting Biosignatures, Maryland D

    • 10:00–12:00 Oral Session: Exoplanet Science with WFIRST, National Harbor 6

    • 11:40–12:20 Plenary Talk: Larry Rudnick—The Stormy Life of Galaxy Clusters

    • 12:45–14:00 NASA Town Hall, Potomac C

    • 13:30–17:00 Origins Space Telescope Team Meeting, Chesapeake H

    • 14:00–15:30 Interactive Session: What Can I Do with LUVOIR?, Chesapeake 7–8.

    • 14:00–16:00 Oral Session: Astrophysics with WFIRST, National Harbor 6

    • 14:50–15:00 GUSTO: Galactic/Extragalactic Ultra-Long Duration Balloon Spectroscopic-Stratospheric TeraHertz Observatory—Chris Walker, National Harbor 5

    • 15:40–1630 Plenary Talk: Lars Bildsten—The Value of Change: Surprise and Insights in Stellar Evolution, Potomac AB

    • 16:30–1720 Plenary Talk: Gabriela Gonzalez—Gravitational Wave Astrophysics, Potomac AB

    • 18:30–20:00 National Acadamies' Astro2020: The Next Decadal Survey of Astronomy and Astrophysics: Town Hall, Potomac C

    • 19:30–21:00 LSST Town Hall, Potomac D

    Thursday, 2018 January 11

    (All activities at Gaylord Hotel/Conference Center)

    • 9:00–18:30 Poster Session 355: Instrumentation, Space Missions, Exhibit Hall

    • 10:00–11:30 Oral SessionInstrumentation: Ground-based and Airborne

    • 12:45–14:00 NASA Scientific Balloon Program Town Hall, Potomac D

    • 15:40–16:30 Plenary Talk: Charlie Conroy—The Evolution of Stars and Galaxies (Helen B. Warner Prize), Potomac AB

    • 16:30–17:30 Plenary Talk: Eric Becklin—Fifty-four Years of Adventures in Infrared Astronomy (Henry Norris Russel Prize), Potomac AB

    • 21:30–22:30 SOFIA Town Hall, Potomac D

    Friday January 12

    • 10:00–11:30 Oral Session 402: Instrumentation: Space Missions I, Potomac D

    • 10:00–11:30 Oral Session 407: AAS Public Policy Panel on Future Flagships and WFIRST, National Harbor 2

    • 14:00–15:30 Oral Session: Instrumentation: Space Missions II, Potomac C

    • 15:40–16:30 Plenary Talk: David Goldston—The Politics of Science Funding

    Webb Unveils Dark Side of
    Pre-stellar Ice Chemistry

    An international team of astronomers using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has obtained an in-depth inventory of the deepest, coldest ices measured to date in a molecular cloud. Read more.

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