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Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group (COPAG)

Executive Committee Membership

  • COPAG Executive Committee Selections, November 2016 [PDF]
 Start DateInstitution
Paul Scowen
November 2015– October 2018Arizona State University
Lee ArmusNovember 2015– October 2018Caltech
Misty BentzDecember 2017– November 2020Georgia State University
Suvi GezariNovember 2015– October 2018University of Maryland
Joseph LazioNovember 2014– October 2018NASA/JPL
Janice LeeDecember 2017– November 2020Caltech
Paul LightseyNovember 2016– November 2019Ball Aerospace
Thomas MegeathNovember 2016– November 2019U. Toledo
John O'MearaNovember 2016– November 2019Saint Michael College
Claudia ScarlataNovember 2016– November 2019U. Minnesota
Jason TumlinsonDecember 2017– November 2020Space Telescope Science Institute
Sarah TuttleNovember 2016– November 2019U. Washington
Mario Perez (Executive Secretary, Ex-Officio)NASA HQ
Eric Tollestrup (Ex-Officio)NASA HQ
Susan Neff (COR Program Office, Ex-Officio)NASA/GSFC
Erin Smith (COR Program Office, Ex-Officio)NASA/GSFC
Former Members
Michael Garcia
Daniela CalzettiDecember 2013–
November 2016
University of Massachusetts
Dennis EbbettsDecember 2013–
November 2016
Ball Aerospace
James GreenDecember 2013–
November 2016
University of Colorado
Sara HeapDecember 2013–
November 2016
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Chris HowkNovember 2015–
October 2018
University of Notre Dame
Mary Elizabeth KaiserNovember 2014–
October 2017
Johns Hopkins
Pam MarcumNovember 2014–
October 2017
Kenneth Sembach
(Former Chair)
September 2010–
November 2015
Space Telescope Science Institute
Lynne HillenbrandOctober 2011–
October 2015
James LowenthalMarch 2012–
March 2015
Smith College
Paul ScowenDecember 2011–
December 2014
Arizona State University
David LeisawitzOctober 2011–
February 2015
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Deborah Padget
(COR Program Office, Ex-Officio)
March 2014–
January 2017
Julianne DalcantonOctober 2011–
September 2014
University of Washington
Dominic Benford
(COR Program Office, Ex-Officio)
August 2011–
September 2013
Jonathan GardnerSeptember 2010–
November 2013
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Paul GoldsmithSeptember 2010–
November 2013
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Charles LillieSeptember 2010–
November 2013
Northrop Grumman
Chris Martin
(Former Chair)
September 2010–
July 2013
California Institute of Technology
Hubble, Chandra, Spitzer Composite of Massive Galaxy Cluster IDCS J1426.5+3508

COR News

Program News and Announcements

20 Aug 2018
Interim reports for large mission concept studies are posted: LUVIOR [PDF], Origins Space Telescope [PDF], HabEx [PDF], Lynx [PDF]
14 Aug 2018
Announcement: COPAG Splinter Session planned at Winter AAS Meeting in Seattle »  Details
24 July 2018
The Astrophysics Division of NASA's Science Mission Directorate issues call for nominations for the Executive Committee of NASA's Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group. Deadline for receipt of nominations: Sept 14, 2018 »  Details
16 July 2018
New Great Observatories SAG will analyze gaps in wavelength and scientific capabilities over the next 10–20 years as NASA's current space observatories age or are decomissioned, as well as to analyze how these gaps will affect the ability of the community to continue to advance knowledge in a rapidly changing scientific landscape. Please sign up here to indicate your interest. All career stages desired. Charter here.

Project News


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