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Large Mission Studies, Decadal Survey 2020

2020 Decadal Survey of Astronomy and Astrophysics will not be delayed

Community Survey on Possible Delay in 2020 Decadal Survey of Astronomy and Astrophysics

  • Report to Paul Hertz on Results of Community Survey on Possible Delay
    in 2020 Decadal Survey [PDF]

  • 2020 Decadal Survey of Astronomy and Astrophysics will not be delayed

  • COPAG Analysis:

    Final Reports on Large Astrophysics Mission Concepts to Study for the 2020 Decadal Survey

    Thank you for your numerous and helpful comments. Please join our author list by sending an email to COPAG_Contact@bigbang.gsfc.nasa.gov

    COPAG Requests Community Input

  • COPAG Call for White Papers: Large Astrophysics Missions to Be Studied by NASA Prior to the 2020 Decadal Survey [PDF]
  • Face-to-Face Meetings

  • Upcoming
    • TBA
  • Past
    • COPAG meetings at AAS in Kissammee, FL, Monday January 4, 2016, including SIG meetings
    • August 3-14, at IAU, COR Table, NASA Booth (312), Exhibit Hall. COPAG EC members seeking your input.
    • August 7, 1-4 P.M. (7-10 P.M. EDT), Joint PAG Meeting at IAU, Room 323. [Agenda]
    • Joint PAG EC meeting, STSci, March 19, 2015, 9:00 A.M.–4:00 P.M.
      • Presentations [PDF]

    Web Meetings

  • Upcoming
    • TBA
  • Past
    • Thursday, August 20, 2015, 01:00 - 03:00 EDT
      • COPAG Virtual Town Hall to discuss community input and COPAG report.
        • Presentation [PDF]
    • Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 03:00 - 04:00 EDT
      • COPAG Virtual Town Hall
        Presentation [PDF]

    Presentations to PhysPAG

  • Far-IR Surveyor Concept [PDF]
  • X-ray Surveyor: Science drivers and strawman mission design [PDF]
  • Large UV/Optical/IR Telescope Surveyor [PDF]
  • HabEx: Notional Mission Properties and Science Applications [PDF]
  • White Paper Responses from the Community

  • COPAG Merged White Papers, May 18, 2015 [PDF]
  • 2012 Request for Information (RFI2012) - Responses

    • Science Cases for Ultraviolet Polarimetry in the 21st Century [PDF] - B-G. Anderson
    • Mapping Turbulent Energy Dissipation through Shocked Molecular Hydrogen in the Universe [PDF] - P. Appleton
    • Are Flagships the Best Way to Advance Astrophysics? [PDF] - D. Ardila
    • Cubesats for Astrophysics [PDF] - D. Ardila
    • The Dusty Co-evolution of Black Holes and Galaxies: A Science Case for a Large Far-IR Space Telescope [PDF] - L. Armus
    • Actuated Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Mirror Development [PDF] - B. Baldauf et al.
    • Astrophysics Enabled by Extreme Contrast Ratio Technologies [PDF] - D. Batcheldor
    • A FIR-Survey of TNOs and Related Bodies [PDF] - J. Bauer et al.
    • Unlocking the Secrets of Planet Formation with Hydrogen Deuteride [PDF] - E. Bergin
    • Cryogenic Telescope for Far-Infrared Astrophysics: A Vision for NASA in the 2020 Decade [PDF] - C. Bradford et al.
    • Imaging Polarimetry for ExoPlanet science & astrophysics [PDF] - J. Breckinridge
    • Dust in Distant Galaxies - Overcoming Confusion Noise with a 5m FIR Facility [PDF] - C. Casey et al.
    • Far-Infrared Spectral Line Studies of the Epoch of Reionization [PDF] - A. Cooray et al.
    • A Joint Exoplanet & UVOIR Surveyor [PDF] - J. Dalcanton
    • The earliest epoch of star-formation in the very young universe [PDF] - D. Ebbets
    • Characterizing the Habitable Zones of Exoplanetary Systems with a Large Ultraviolet/Visible/Near-IR Space Observatory [PDF] - K. France et al.
    • The bulk composition of exo-planets [PDF] - Boris Gänsicke et al.
    • Flagship Missions for the Decadal Review [PDF] - J. Green
    • Life Finder Telescope [PDF] - S. Heap
    • Galaxy Evolution Spectroscopic Surveyor (GESS) [PDF] - S. Heap
    • Precision Ages for Milky Way Star Clusters [PDF] - J. Kalirai
    • Interferometry Concept for the Far-Infrared Surveyor [PDF] - D. Leisawitz et al.
    • Importance of Design Reference Missions for Developing the Next Large Mission Concepts [PDF] - P. Lightsey and E. Wilkinson
    • An Evolvable Space Telescope for the Far Infrared Surveyor Mission [PDF] - C. Lillie et al.
    • Exoplanet Environment Monitor [PDF] - J. Linsky et al.
    • Definitive Determination of Galaxy Luminosity Functions at Energies Above the Hydrogen Ionization Edge, Covering 11 Billion Years of Evolution [PDF] - S. McCandliss
    • Probing Transient Structures in the Universe [PDF] - P. Natarajan
    • An Evolvable Space Telescope for Future UV/Opt/IR Astronomical Missions [PDF] - R. Polidan et al.
    • A Rotating Synthetic Aperture (RSA) Space Telescope for Future UV/Opt/IR Astronomical Missions [PDF] - R. Polidan et al.
    • UVOIR Surveyor: The need for high resolution, wide field, deep multi-wavelength imaging and IFU spectroscopy [PDF] - R. Rampazzo et al.
    • Probe class missions in the far infrared [PDF] - J. Rizzo et al.
    • The First Stars and the First Metals [PDF] - I. Roederer et al.
    • The Origin of the Elements Heavier than Iron [PDF] - I. Roederer et al.
    • HabX2: a 2020 mission concept for flagship science at modest cost [PDF] - M. Swain et al.
    • Listening to the Cosmic Dawn [PDF] - I. Thorpe et al.
    • A Large-Aperture UVOIR Space Telescope [PDF] - H. Thronson et al.
    • Galaxy Fueling and Quenching: A Science Case for Future UV MOS Capability [PDF] - J. Tumlinson and D. Schiminovich
    • UV/Optical/IR Surveyor: The Crucial Role of High Spatial Resolution, High Sensitivity UV Observations to Galaxy Evolution Studies [PDF] - B. Williams and J. Dalcanton

    Science Division Documents

    Supporting Documents

  • TPF-C Levine paper (see science goals, Sec. 2) [PDF]
  • The New Worlds Observer [PDF]
  • AURA Report: From Cosmic Birth to Living Earths [PDF]
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    Webb Ships to Launch Site
    in August

    James Webb Space Telescope

    On Schedule to Launch

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    Program News and Announcements

    Continuing call for nominations to the Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group (COPAG) Executive Committee. »  Details.
    30 May 2021
    Second QUEST Meeting and Presentation to be held 03 June 2021. »  Details.
    17 May 2021
    Update on Technology Gap Prioritization »  Details.
    17 May 2021
    25 May 2021: Infrared Science Interest Group (IR SIG) Webinar »  Details.
    17 May 2021
    ROSES Astrophysics Theory Program Information Session on 24 May 2021 »  Details.
    12 May 2021
    Special Online Event, 13 May 2021: Quorum for Ultraviolet Exploration of Science and Technology (QUEST). »  Meeting Details and Invite.

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