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Cosmic Origins News

17 November 2022

JWST/Cosmic Origins Science Presented to US Congress!

JWST early science results were presented to the US House of Representatives, Committee on Science, Space and Technology, see here:


Congratulations to Dr. Mark Clampin, Astrophysics Division Director, NASA, Steven L. Finkelstein, University of Texas at Austin, and Dr. Natalie Batalha, University of California, Santa Cruz for their inspiring testimony to the subcommittee on space and aeronautics.

Dr. Clampin discusses JWST in the context of NASA programs beginning at 16:01 in the video recording. Dr. Finkelstein presents early results on galaxy evolution beginning at 21:13, and Dr. Batalha presents exciting results for exoplanets, including the discovery of photochemistry in the atmosphere of an exoplanet beginning at 26:30.

Webb Unveils Dark Side of
Pre-stellar Ice Chemistry

An international team of astronomers using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has obtained an in-depth inventory of the deepest, coldest ices measured to date in a molecular cloud. Read more.

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17 November 2022
JWST/Cosmic Origins Science Presented to US Congress! »  Details.
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9 September 2022
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