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Cosmic Origins News

Shedding Light on the End of Dark Ages: Defining an Enlightening Roadmap

COPAG Splinter Session at AAS meeting, Seattle, January 2019

Over the past decade there has been considerable activity within the community to understand how the first stars and galaxies formed, and how they shaped the initial structure of the Universe through reionization. The COPAG is interested in developing a strategic plan to address the best techniques, facilities, and data to address this foundation science element, since it has featured prominently in the science drivers for ongoing mission concept studies such as LUVOIR, HabEx, Lynx, and OST. The COPAG will hold a splinter session at the Winter AAS in Seattle to shape how such a plan should be defined and what goals it should set. Please plan on joining us to do this. If you would be interested in participating please send a note to Susan Neff (Susan.G.Neff@nasa.gov) to let us know.

Hubble, Chandra, Spitzer Composite of Massive Galaxy Cluster IDCS J1426.5+3508

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Program News and Announcements

20 Aug 2018
Interim reports for large mission concept studies are posted: LUVIOR [PDF], Origins Space Telescope [PDF], HabEx [PDF], Lynx [PDF]
14 Aug 2018
Announcement: COPAG Splinter Session planned at Winter AAS Meeting in Seattle »  Details
24 July 2018
The Astrophysics Division of NASA's Science Mission Directorate issues call for nominations for the Executive Committee of NASA's Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group. Deadline for receipt of nominations: Sept 14, 2018 »  Details
16 July 2018
New Great Observatories SAG will analyze gaps in wavelength and scientific capabilities over the next 10–20 years as NASA's current space observatories age or are decomissioned, as well as to analyze how these gaps will affect the ability of the community to continue to advance knowledge in a rapidly changing scientific landscape. Please sign up here to indicate your interest. All career stages desired. Charter here.

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