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Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group

Executive Committee

The COPAG Executive Committee is a community-based leadership council that is responsible for providing NASA with needed analysis, as well as coordination and communication with the Cosmic Origins community.

There is a continuing call for nominations to the Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group (COPAG) Executive Committee. Apply to the Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group Executive Committee here.

Executive Committee Members

Name Term Institution
Shouleh Nikzad
April 2022–October 2024 Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Sabrina Stierwalt
(Vice Chair)
November 2020–October 2024 Occidental College
Stephan McCandliss November 2018–October 2024 Johns Hopkins University
Christine Chen November 2020–January 2024 Space Telescope Science Institute
Chris Hayward November 2020–January 2024 Flatiron Institute
Hsiao-Wen Chen April 2022–October 2024 Univeristy of Chicago
Enrique Lopez Rodriguez April 2022–October 2024 Stanford University
Rachael Beaton January 2023–October 2025 Space Telescope Science Institute
Sanchayeeta Borthakur January 2023–October 2025 Arizona State University
Varsha Kulkarni February 2024–January 2027 University of South Carolina
Rana Ezzeddine February 2023–January 2027 University of Florida
Patricia Knezek
(Executive Secretary, Ex-Officio)
Peter Kurczynski
(COR Program Office, Ex-Officio)

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