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Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group (COPAG)

Science Interest Groups (SIGs) and Science Analysis Groups (SAGs)

A Science Interest Group (SIG) is interested in a specific subfield of Cosmic Origins science. SIGs meet to discuss and share scientific results, analysis techniques, and science gaps, as well as how state-of-the-art instrumentation might be advanced in that subfield. SIGs identify data and technology needs that could enable advances in further scientific discovery. To join a SIG group, please email leadership by visiting the pages below.

Currently, the COPAG has four Science Interest Groups and two Science & Technology Interest Groups:

  • Active Galactic Nuclei Science Interest Group (AGN SIG)

  • Diffuse Gas in Cosmic Ecosystems Science Interest Group (DGCE SIG)

  • Galaxies Science Interest Group (Galaxies SIG)

  • Infra-Red Science and Technology Integration Group (IR STIG): Coordinated by the IR STIG Leadership Council (Approved Nov 2013).

  • Stars Science Interest Group (Stars SIG)

  • Ultraviolet-Visible Science and Technology Interest Group (UV STIG) (approved November 2014), chaired by Jason Tumlinson.
  • Previous Science Interest Groups and Technology Interest Groups:

  • Science Interest Group (SIG) #3: Cosmic Dawn Science (approved March 2015, closed December 2018).

  • Technology Interest Group (TIG), approved (January 2017, closed).
  • The COPAG uses Science Analysis Groups (SAGs) for topical consideration of COR-relevant science and technology issues. Membership of the SAGs is freely open to any interested parties. Each SAG and SIG coordinates with the EC through a member selected from the Executive Committee.

    NASA’s First Asteroid Sample
    Has Landed,
    Now Secure in Clean Room

    Congratulations OSIRIS-REx! After years of anticipation and hard work by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx team, a capsule of rocks and dust collected from asteroid Bennu finally is on Earth. It landed at 8:52 a.m. MDT (10:52 a.m. EDT) on Sunday. Read more.

    COR News and Events

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    Current and Upcoming Events

    Continuing Call for Nominations to the Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group (COPAG) Executive Committee. »  Details.
    2 October 2023
    IR STIG Seminar »  Details
    3 October 2023
    Galaxies SIG Seminar »  Details
    25 October 2023
    JWST Call for Proposals for Cycle 3 »  Details.

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    Program News and Announcements

    29 September 2023
    Infrared Science and Technology Integration Group (IR STIG) Webinar | Monday, 2 October 2023, 3:00 PM ET »  Details.
    29 September 2023
    AWESOM SAG Meeting | Friday, October 6, 2023, 11am – noon ET »  Details.
    29 September 2023
    Community Input for the Cosmic Origins Precursor Science Gaps | November, 17th 2023 »  Details.
    22 September 2023
    Diffuse Gas in Cosmic Ecosystems Science Interest Group | September 28, 2023 – 4pm EST / 1 PM PST »  Details.
    22 September 2023
    Windows on the Universe: Establishing the Infrastructure for a Collaborative Multi-messenger Ecosystem | October 16 – 18, Tucson, AZ »  Details.
    22 September 2023
    Galaxies Science Interest Group (Galaxies SIG) Seminar | Tuesday October 3rd, 2023 at 1pm ET »  Details.
    22 September 2023
    NASA’s Webb Telescope Inspires ARTECHOUSE Exhibit, Public Art »  Details.

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