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Probe-Class Astrophysics Mission Concepts Study

Probe-Class Astrophysics Mission Concepts Study

  • Probe concepts presented at COPAG Meeting, 4 January 2016
  • February 15, 2016, Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group Call for White Papers : Probe-Class Astrophysics Mission Concepts [PDF]

White Papers Submitted

  • White Paper Summary [PDF]
White Papers
Title Author
A Probe-Class Opportunity for Far-IR Space Astrophysics [PDF] C.M. Bradford et al.
Probing the Dark Ages and Cosmic Dawn with Neutral Hydrogen [PDF] J. Lazio et al.
Concept for an orbiting wide-field x-ray imaging spectrometer (WFXIS) [PDF] Ulmer, Melville P.
Concept for an all-sky low-energy gamma-ray observatory (ALLEGRO) [PDF] Ulmer, Melville P., et al.
Death of Massive Stars (DoMaS) Probe [PDF] Pete Roming et al.
FORERUNNER for the EVOLVABLE SPACE TELESCOPE (ForEST) [PDF] Howard A. MacEwen & Charles F. Lillie
Deep Survey Telescope: Exploring the First Billion Years [PDF] Frederick R. Hearty & H. Philip Stahl
The Space High-Angular Resolution Probe for the InfraRed (SHARP-IR): A Potential Far-Infrared Interferometric Probe [PDF] S. Rinehart et al.
Cosmic Dawn Intensity Mapper – A Probe Class Mission Concept for Reionization studies of the universe [PDF] Asantha Cooray et al.
Galaxy Evolution Spectroscopic Probe (GESP) [PDF] Sara Heap et al.
A Near-IR All-Sky Spectroscopic Probe [PDF] M. Robberto & Y. Wang
A Far-Infrared Surveyor of Cosmic Origins and Destiny [PDF] Christopher K. Walker et al.
The Next Generation Space UV-Vis Space Observatory (NG-SUVO) [PDF] Mel Ulmer
SPECtroscopic TeRAhertz Satellite "SPECTRAS" [PDF] Paul F. Goldsmith et al.
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