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Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group (COPAG)

SAG #10: Great Observatories

The COPAG, together with the PhysPAG and ExoPAG, is forming a Great Observatories Science Analysis Group (SAG) to study the future of multi-wavelength Astronomy from space. The Great Observatories opened up the electromagnetic spectrum from space from gamma rays to the far-infrared and, with subsequent missions, have provided sustained access to the astronomical community for more than two decades. The goals of this SAG are to (1) identify the gaps in wavelength coverage and scientific capabilities anticipated over the next 10–20 years as NASA's current space observatories age or are decommissioned, and (2) analyze how these gaps will affect the ability of the community to continue to make progress in a rapidly changing scientific landscape.

The SAG will provide a report to NASA by April 2019 in anticipation of the 2020 Decadal Review. We are now soliciting members of the astronomy community who are interested in participating in this SAG. If interested, please fill out the form by 10 August 2018. We encourage applicants at all career stages.

  • Final Report [PDF]
  • SAG Participants

    Lee ArmusCaltech/IPAC
    Misty BentzGeorgia State University
    Breanna BinderCalifornia State Polytechnic University, Pomona
    David CiardiCaltech/IPAC
    Francesca CivanoHarvard Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
    Lia CorralesUniversity of Michigan
    Julianne DalcantonUniversity of Washington
    Diana DragomirMIT
    Martin ElvisHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
    Catherine EspaillatBoston University
    Steven FinkelsteinUT Austin
    Derek FoxPenn State University
    Suvi GezariUniversity of Maryland
    Matthew GreenhouseGSFC
    Richard GriffithsUniversity of Hawaii
    Rachel HamburgUniversity of Alabama in Huntsville
    Erika HamdenUniversity of Arizona
    Patrick HartiganRice University
    Sara HeapGSFC
    Keri HoadleyCaltech
    Jens KauffmannMIT Haystack Observatory
    Ciska KemperESO / ASIAA
    Gourav KhullarKavli Institute of Cosmological Physics, University of Chicago
    Allison KirkpatrickUniversity of Kansas
    Ralph KraftHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
    Joe LazioJPL
    Janice LeeCaltech/IPAC
    Paul LightseyBall Aerospace
    Chales LillieLillie Consulting LLC
    Massimo MarengoIowa State University
    Stephan McCandlissJohns Hopkins University
    Mark McConnellUniv of NH / Southwest Research Institute
    Brett McGuireNRAO
    Tom MegeathUniversity of Toledo
    Michael MeyerUniversity of Michigan
    Arielle MoulletUSRA / SOFIA
    Richard MushotzkyUniversity of Maryland
    John O'MearaSt. Marys College
    Andrea PrestwichSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
    Pete RomingSouthwest Research Institute
    Claudia ScarlataUniversity of Minnesota
    Paul ScowenASU
    Deirdre ShoemakerGeorgia Institute of Technology
    Joseph SimonJPL / Caltech
    JD SmithUniversity of Toledo
    Kevin StevensonSTScI
    Grant TremblaySmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
    Jason TumlinsonSTScI
    Sarah TuttleUniversity of Washington
    Q. Daniel WangUniversity of Massachusetts
    Scott WolkSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

    Webb Unveils Dark Side of
    Pre-stellar Ice Chemistry

    An international team of astronomers using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has obtained an in-depth inventory of the deepest, coldest ices measured to date in a molecular cloud. Read more.

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    25 May 2023
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    23 May 2023
    Science with the Habitable Worlds Observatory and Beyond | 10-14 July 2023 »  Details.
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    ROSES-22: Topical Workshops, Symposia, and Conferences (TWSC) Delayed »  Details.
    4 May 2023
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    4 May 2023
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    4 May 2023
    NASA Fall Internship Applications Due May, 27th, 2023 »  Details.

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