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Request for Information (RFI) Responses

List of RFI Response Submissions

RFI Response Submissions Individual Files

TitleLast Name
How do molecules and dust form in massive interacting winds?Gull
The Importance of White Dwarf Stars as Tests of Stellar Physics and Galactic EvolutionProvencal
The Origin of the Elements Heavier than IronLawler
UVMag: Stellar physics with UV and visible spectropolarimetryNeiner
Response to Request for Information: NNH12ZDA008LIgnace
Mass Transport Processes and their Roles in the Formation, Structure, and Evolution of Stars and Stellar SystemsCarpenter
Understanding Global Galactic Star FormationScowen
The Magellanic Clouds Survey - a Bridge to Nearby GalaxiesScowen
Massive Stars: Key to Solving the Cosmic PuzzleWofford
Conditions for Life in the Local UniverseBarstow
The History of Star Formation in GalaxiesBrown
Space-Based UV/Optical Wide-Field Imaging and Spectroscopy: Near-Field Cosmology and Galaxy Evolution Using Globular Clusters in Nearby GalaxiesGoudfrooij
The Crucial Role of High Spatial Resolution, High Sensitivity UV Observations to Galaxy Evolution StudiesWilliams
A Census of Local Group Ultraviolet Dust Extinction CurvesGordon
The Baryon Census in a Multiphase Intergalactic MediumShull
Quasar Absorption Lines in the Far Ultraviolet: An Untapped Gold Mine for Galaxy Evolution StudiesTripp
Seeking into the anthropic principleGomez de Castro
The escape fraction of ionizing photons from dwarf galaxiesScarlata
Science from IGM/CGM Emission MappingSchiminovich
Project Lyman: Quantifying 11 Gyrs of Metagalactic Ionizing Background EvolutionMcCandliss
Synergistic Astrophysics in the Ultraviolet using Active Galactic NucleiKriss
Active Galactic Nuclei and their role in Galaxy Formation and EvolutionKraemer
UV Spectroscopic Time Domain Studies of Active Galactic NucleiPeterson
Extragalactic Lyman-alpha Experiments in the Nearby UniverseHayes
Galaxy Assembly and SMBH/AGN-growth from Cosmic Dawn to the End of ReionizationScowen
A UV/Optical/Near-IR Spectroscopic Sky Survey for Understanding Galaxy EvolutionHeap
An Optical and Ultraviolet Cosmological MapperDoré
Exoplanet Science of Nearby Stars on a UV/Visible Astrophysics MissionNoecker
Ultraviolet imaging of exoplanetsCook
From Protoplanetary Disks to Extrasolar Planets: Understanding the Life Cycle of Circumstellar Gas with Ultraviolet SpectroscopyFrance
Solar System Science Objectives with the Next UV/Optical Space ObservatoryWong
Science Drivers for a Wide-Field, High-Resolution Imaging Space Telescope Operating at UV/Blue Optical WavelengthsCôté
Unique Astrophysics in the Lyman UltravioletTumlinson
White Paper In Response To NSPIRES RFI For The Next Generation Space UV-Vis Space Observatory (NG-SUVO)Ulmer
Hubble, Chandra, Spitzer Composite of Massive Galaxy Cluster IDCS J1426.5+3508

COR News

Program News and Announcements

17 December 2018
NASA HQ has publicly posted an updated Astrophysics Implementation Plan (AIP), detailing progress made by NASA's Astrophysics Division in implementing the 2010 Decadal recommendations since the previous update in 2016.
6 Nov 2018
Far-Infrared Science Interest Group posts first Newsletter | Number 1 | October 2018 [PDF]
20 Aug 2018
Interim reports for large mission concept studies are posted: LUVIOR [PDF], Origins Space Telescope [PDF], HabEx [PDF], Lynx [PDF]

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