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UV Science and Technology Interest Group (UV STIG)

Special Online Event

Quorum for Ultraviolet Exploration of Science and Technology (QUEST)

Thursday, May 13, 2021
3:00–4:00 pm ET

QUEST Meeting Details and Invite

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NASA's Cosmic Origins Program Ultraviolet Science and Technology Interest Group (UV-STIG) is planning for a talk series devoted to assessing the readiness of various state-of-the-art UV and Visible technologies to achieve the aspirational goals of Cosmic Origins Science. The need to clearly define technical readiness in service of science goals will take center stage as we move into the post-release era of the Astro2020 Decadal Survey.

Towards serving that need, and as a means of fostering a strong community, we propose to establish a Quorum for Ultraviolet Exploration of Science and Technology (QUEST) that will convene virtually and approximately monthly for the purpose of developing prioritization metrics for the UV/Vis components of Cosmic Origins Science goals as guided by the decadal debrief expected in June 2021.

QUEST’s focus on the near-term decadal debrief is important, but there is also a critical need to keep abreast of emerging entrepreneurial technologies and the promise they bring to expanding the scientific aspirations of Cosmic Origins; so we want to hear about these exciting new developments, too!

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Program News and Announcements

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17 May 2021
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17 May 2021
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12 May 2021
Special Online Event, 13 May 2021: Quorum for Ultraviolet Exploration of Science and Technology (QUEST). »  Meeting Details and Invite.

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